Work on Europe audience... Shopify + Facebook Ads

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by anas-hanine, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. anas-hanine

    anas-hanine New Member

    Need HELP Plz
    i launched a Shopify store and i want to work on Europe Like France, Belgium, Germany etc...
    i wonder if it's ok to work with them even if my store by English

    anyone has any experience with Europe audience
  2. alor

    alor New Member

    It really depends on what countries in Europe you target. The level of English varies a lot across Europe.

    My tip to you is when you're setting up your ad sets, you can select what language users have set for their FB accounts - so that way you can target the specific Euro countries you want to target, and then select the language to English (US,UK). That way you now have a group of users in those countries who have their accounts set in English.
  3. AustinPeterson

    AustinPeterson New Member

    One easy way to run highly targeted Facebook ads is through Shopify Facebook pixel app, this app lets you create custom audiences and LALs based on your niche you might have better ad results with this app.