Who plays computer games?

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by k, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. k

    k Well-Known Member

    So who plays games? Personally I only ever play Fifa but thats because I don't have time for others and love football [​IMG]
  2. java

    java New Member

    I remember playing counter strike source, but its been 4 years ago now.
    Warcraft 2 was and still is my number one game. still a few players out there.
  3. luipogi

    luipogi New Member

    I used to be addicted with starcraft, red alert and generals. But now I'd rather play with CPA. Lol. I think I saw an ad saying earn money playing games. I don't know how true or how it works, I haven't take a look.
  4. iserluick

    iserluick New Member

    I love to play videogames on my computer! I play a large variety of games. Sometimes, I use emulators to play some console games on it (like Playstation). I also play MMORPGS (massive games where you can play with other people and have fun together)
  5. eymardsiojo

    eymardsiojo Member

    I play lots of games myself.
    I go with PC games. First person shooter kinda stuff, and Rpgs
  6. lokiys

    lokiys New Member

    Used to play Red Alert on PS many years ago, but not on PC i'm not playing any games because.

    PC is not for games.
    This is waste of time.
    Games is for kids
  7. blogdemanila

    blogdemanila New Member

    don't have much time to play anymore. used to be addicted to StarCraft and Warcraft as well. I play flash based games if my wife or my kids want me to hack their games [​IMG]
  8. hiimjeremy

    hiimjeremy Member

    These days I rarely play any PC games. My most recent endeavor was Diablo III, but other than that my computer gaming career has pretty much died. At the moment I am just banging out progress in Grand Theft Auto V for the PS3.

    When I was younger though I constantly played PC games: Some of my favorites: Warcraft Series, Starcraft, Empire Earth, Age of Empires, Counter-Strike, Unreal 2003, Diablo Series, Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Neverwinter Nights, Sim Tower, Quake II, The Elder Scrolls Series, Gothic 2, Half-Life Series, DOD.....
  9. nox007cpa

    nox007cpa New Member

    I've got an Alienware desktop & Xbox360, So you know! [​IMG]
  10. 1stclasscpa

    1stclasscpa New Member

    I played World of warcraft, I bought a Alienware monster computer for the game, I barely play anymore now.
  11. philthy

    philthy New Member

    I used to play a couple of PC games. Right now I mainly play Counter-Strike GO and Counter-Strike Source. Started with counter-strike 1.4 way back in the day.
  12. dave-c

    dave-c New Member

    I'm starting loving here, a thread dedicated to games! [​IMG]

    As the others said, don't have much time either but anything involved in car/bike racing I really enjoy to play with (R-Factor, SBK, GP500). Was also a fun of Zelda and Super Mario Kart!
  13. eymardsiojo

    eymardsiojo Member

    I am now addicted to League of Legends. Err?
    When I am done with my IM thingy. I play before I sleep.

    Playing Games is like a Drug to me.

    When I experiencing or remember some weird or awful things.
    I NEED to play.

    To forget. [​IMG]
  14. dario

    dario Member

    I just played Fifa and PES sometimes ...
  15. hiimjeremy

    hiimjeremy Member

    League of Legends? Nice.

    A company I have done work for does a lot of the scenery for Riot Games when they have their seasonal competitions. I got a few LoL exclusive action figures from this most recent season 3 finals. [​IMG]
  16. eymardsiojo

    eymardsiojo Member

    Wow. Thats nice.
    Thats the only game i play for now.
    To minimize distraction and stuff
  17. hiimjeremy

    hiimjeremy Member

    Nice. I don't play it personally, but judging from the amount of people that go to these Riot game events.... it must be HUGE.
  18. eymardsiojo

    eymardsiojo Member

    Its EPIC.
    Like you need to gear your champion. Know when to strike. Make strategic kills. Kill some more.. And yeah.. Kill more often.
    Learn what skills you have. What items you need. When will you buy. How fast it moves..

    A lot of this happenings at one time. Haha!

    Maybe, thats the reason people love it. You'll never know who will win.
  19. hiimjeremy

    hiimjeremy Member

    The first Guild Wars was pretty awesome! Didn't get a chance to try GW2.
  20. gabe736

    gabe736 New Member

    I gave up games a while back to channel my energy into something productive. I'd like to say it helped, but maybe it just made me a very boring person since I don't watch TV or play any games these days. Oh well.