Which websites are good to follow for latest updates in SEO?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by trixi, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. trixi

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    Which websites are good to follow for latest updates in SEO?
  2. Gilmero

    Gilmero Well-Known Member

    Moz is the best website Latest Updates in SEO.
  3. Butcher

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  4. Leonid

    Leonid Well-Known Member

    Neil Patel specializes in SEO, he's a really interesting expert to follow. Besides, there are several SEO courses providers (like Moz) where you can also find the latest updates on SEO industry.
  5. Cat

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    • Moz. Moz is arguably the most trusted site for all things SEO. ...
    • Search Engine Journal. ...
    • Search Engine Land. ...
    • Search Engine Watch. ...
    • SEO Book. ...
    • Search Engine Roundtable. ...
    • SEMRush. ...
    • SEO Nick.
  6. Melani

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    I usually consult with the *doctor*

    *cutting edge* SEO is pseudoscience and 98% bullshit.‚Äč
    You are better off to just read the published search engine guidelines. Even if these SEO guys are right about some fine point that will give you some edge the search engines become aware of this and will just discount the finding in the next search algorithm roll-out.
  7. Tejas Rane

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    If you want to learn SEO, then there is a udemy course that is the most comprehensive course. It is also one of top selling SEO course on udemy. It is one of the courses that you should definitely be trying!