What is the purpose of keyword in SEO?

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    What is the purpose of keyword in SEO?
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    The keyword in SEO related to the rules for the particular search engine in conjuction with a word that is searched by a regular human being.

    Search Engines Like Google And Bing For SEO Keyword Research
    Search engines like Bing and Google have different rules for keywords set up for webmasters when designing pages. Google for example will have a set of guidlines for keyword optimization for SEO and Bing will have their own set of SEO webmaster guidlines for keyword optimization on web pages.

    For the most part they both do not want you to "stuff" your pages with a particular keyword in order to try and manipulate the search engines to gain free organic traffic.

    To prove this difference I did a search for a popular word.. Love. When i did the search I noticed they both ranked the Wikepedias definition of love as number 1 on both engines. However in Bing number 2 is a Youtube video for a Lana Del Ray song called Love and in Google they have Websters definition of love set up as number 2.

    You will find as you continue with your Keyword journey the disparities between the two engines. I have created web pages that ranked well for a term in one engine but for some reason the other engine did not rank it well. Same page, just different rules.

    Obviously both search engines should not be taken lightly because each one will gain your website free traffic. Depending on the popularity of the keyword, the keyword or keywords could generate life changing income.

    Trying To Rank For A Particular Keyword
    When you discover a word or set of words that you are trying to rank for you want to use the keyword as a guide and make sure the page you are writing the keyword with sounds as natural as possible.

    Try not to get bogged down to much on the actual keyword itself and focus on the content because this is your true money maker. Many factors go into ranking for a particular keyword. Just because you followed the guidlines for a particular keyword, if the content is not good than people will not enjoy the content enough to share your pages or comment on them.

    If your content is good, you will find that your site will begin to rank for keywords that your not even trying to rank for. Next thing you know you have one of those viral websites on the internet that can not stop getting traffic and continues to move up the Alexa ranks.

    Main Purpose For SEO Keyword
    Your main purpose for SEO keyword is to develop a site that people are searching for #1 and then utilizing that keyword to rank well in the search engines because not to many webmasters are utilizing that particular keyword.

    This is a little difficult to do for free. Many paid keyword research tools are great at finding keywords that will show the amount of searches it receives every month and how many peeople are actually using the keyword. The tools will help you to develop a website based on a main keyword and then have little keywords attached to that main word to build pages around.

    Love for example would be a main concept for a website and you will build your homepage around that word. Page 2 could be love stories which links to the home page but your content for that page would surround the word love stories.

    Love would be too tough for you or I to rank well in the search engines. Its to popular of a word so you would be wasting your time if you tried to rank well for that particular keyword. If your passion is love and you wanted to try and rank well by developing a website around the concept than you would use the keyword tool to find a word surrounded by love that many people are searching for but is not being used by many websites on the internet. The main keyword for your site could be love for computer geeks or how love heals the heart. Not many people have built a site around those particular keywords but many people do searches on the internet for those words.
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    Keywords are the search terms used to find your website in search engines. They are selected using Google keyword planner to rank websites higher in search results. They are implemented on the website meta tags and content to help increase the visibility of your domain in search engines.
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    Choosing the right keywords to optimize for is thus the first and most crucial step to a successful SEO campaign. The main purpose of using keywords is to make your website visible on the search engine. ... These keywords or phrases are used by the search engines to populate the subjects over the internet.
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    you got here some good answers, Keyword (KW) in SEO world means that when someone is searching a term / Keyword in the search engine, if your site has good content + A LOT OF OTHER things that are related to SEO world like backlinks and so... and your site content is answering the user query of the term, your site will appear in the results in the search engine for that keyword/s.