What is best way to create Site Links?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by mvm-infotech, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. mvm-infotech

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    What is best way to create Site Links?
  2. martinsmith

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    To get site links follow these steps:
    1. Website name must be Unique
    2. Website must be responsive
    3. Website structure and navigation should be clear
    4. Make your website for brand awareness
    5. Add XML sitemap
    6. On Page SEO should be perfect...
  3. entrepreneurshq

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    This is a vague question. Can you be more specific?
  4. nanette

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    Not sure what You mean?
    Do you want tracking?
    To mask Your website domain name
    Or link?
    Or cloaker?
  5. affmarketer101

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    You are mentioning to site link that appear in Google adwords? Follow advanced features when creating ads on Google adwords, you can easily create site link.
  6. rh-calvin

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    Sitelinks can be created using various off page techniques like:

    Guest posting
    Article submission
    Press release submission
    Social bookmarks
    Classified ads
    Infographics submission
  7. Best way Create site links.

    Forum profile creation
    Social Bookmarking submission
    Directory submission
    Images sharing
    Video sharing
    Info-graphics submission
    Guest posting
    Bookmarking submission
  8. julia-ann

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    Link building is a strategy integrity to create Site Links.
  9. marsha

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    The best ways of creating links are:
    • Article Submission
    • Web 2.0 blogs
    • Social Media Marketing (For Branding)
    • Guest Posting (For content outreach)
  10. Sitelinks is a great way to educate people about our product. Algorithms is much better at finding, creating, and showing relevant sitelinks.