What are PPV scrapers missing?

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by lukepeerfly, May 14, 2019.

  1. lukepeerfly

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    I am hoping to release some updates for my PPV scraper, Skrayp, over the course of the next few weeks and I was wondering what do you guys think PPV scrapers currently on the market are missing?

    I created Skrayp to help me (and my PeerFly publishers) find targets that I was missing when researching and building a list of targets manually. I also wanted to make the whole process more efficient because copying/pasting a bunch of URLs from Google search results isn't any fun.

    What are some of the pain points you have when finding targets for your PPV campaigns that I could potentially help with? [​IMG]
  2. nolimit85

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    Hi Luke,

    I´m using your tool since 2 weeks and I really like it [​IMG] but have something that I miss..

    I tend to only bid on root domains.... so If I select "show only root domains" and scrape URLs, lets say for example for the keyword "car loan"... I also get very broad targeted URLs... like xyzbank.com

    I need to spend time to remove all the generic targets to have my list with targeted URLs. I wish it would straight away give me only results that are related to "car loans" would save alot time, especially when you scrape 1000 URLs [​IMG]

  3. md-asad-al-hossain

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    Which one is the best PPV scraper Blackpops or Skrayp..?
  4. lukepeerfly

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    My vote is most definitely for Skrayp (but I'm biased) [​IMG]