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Discussion in 'Coaching, Programs and Courses' started by just do it, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. just do it

    just do it Well-Known Member

    Anybody heard of Wealthy Affiliate. Seems very popular, read about them on Facebook.
    Seems a bit steep, $49 a month but you get all the training videos, free hosting and community support. I'm considering going this route as I'm not having much luck with campaigns.

    Thanks for the replies, keep well.
  2. just do it

    just do it Well-Known Member

    Hello @woodollar , welcome to affiliatesummer.

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  3. haxp

    haxp Well-Known Member

    Hi, @woodollar ! I believe Wealthy Affiliate is free to start. If I'm not mistaken you get more training, etc. if you purchase the monthly plan. Don't go by one FB post, do some research. I'd try the freebie before paying.
  4. Pipchik

    Pipchik Well-Known Member

  5. Pipchik

    Pipchik Well-Known Member

    I can't speak for the WA program itself, but I hate their affiliates and their "competing product is a scam review site" method.
  6. allserialtv

    allserialtv Well-Known Member

    Sounds sketchy to me.
  7. bin

    bin Well-Known Member

    I can help you running profitable AdWords campaigns if you want. I won't even charge you.
  8. fitness trainer

    fitness trainer Well-Known Member

    It's bad form to slander or libel the competitor. Making argument in comparison with competitors is OK. However, the Internet has it's own form of mob gullibility. So, fake review sites may be effective with someone that types a brand+scam into a search engine. Most certainly, search engines are gullible [​IMG]
  9. Pipchik

    Pipchik Well-Known Member

    Hi, I did wealthy affiliate before and it was not working out for me because you need to create a website and a very specific niche and then you have to make sure your keywords are on the top. As a result, I had to cancel it. It didn't work out for me. I am really a newbie with no computer science or programming background. That is why I was struggling.
  10. hellboy

    hellboy Well-Known Member

    Bro, can you please help me also ?
  11. bin

    bin Well-Known Member

    It's bad form to slander or libel the competitor. Making argument in comparison with competitors is OK. However, the Internet has it's own form of mob gullibility. So, fake review sites may be effective with someone that types a brand+scam into a search engine. Most certainly, search engines are gullible [​IMG]

    Graybeard, Jan 19, 2018
  12. Pipchik

    Pipchik Well-Known Member

    There are some good courses on Udemy and you can even get a certificate for the course.
  13. Butcher

    Butcher Well-Known Member

    I'm part of Wealthy Affiliate and can honestly say that they are 100% legit and I've learned a ton of knowledge from them so far and soo much more to learn.. I just started a thread about my journey with Wealthy Affiliate I'm going to be giving monthly updates on my goal to reach 300 referrals for them with no paid promotion/investments.

    If your on the fence about them or just interested please check out the thread I started yesterday I think you will like it.

    It's New Affiliate Marketer Going For 100% Organic Traffic As A Wealthy Affiliate Member No Investmesnts

    I have my personal review of them on that thread as well as the home page of my website. I'm looking for feedback and advice from the members here.

    I won't post my review here because I'm not sure if the moderators here will like that or not but I definitely encourage you to and everyone else to check it out.

    In my review there's also live screenshots that I took of the conversations taking place on Wealthy Affiliate about the quality of the program and what real members actually think. It was pretty easy to get a positive real-time screenshot because the members there are always talking about the benefits of W.A.

    What I did is got a free starter membership to Wealthy Affiliate and within a week I upgraded to premium because it was totally worth it. I've got scammed in the past and honestly if I didn't find them I wouldn't even be doing this.

    I also have a video review on my review article that shows my statistics after one month of being a premium member. The first month is only $19 too which is nice because you really get to see what they have to offer and if you want to stay with them. The yearly membership saves you a lot of money. I would do that but I don't have the funds for that out-write payment at this time unfortunately.

    I have a link in my signature below if you decide to go with them going through any of my links will help me toward my goal and I'd appreciate. If not its fine no biggie. I like this forum too there's a lot of knowledgeable people that know what there doing you can learn a lot here.

    Only piece of advice I have is try to do one thing at a time because if you are working on many different projects it will most likely be to overwhelming at least that's what I've started to do and it helps a lot.

    Anyways good luck with everything and I wish you success!!!
  14. pudge

    pudge Well-Known Member

    Yea in the beginning of the training the teacher uses a scam review site as an example and so most of the beginners use that method. I personally thought it would be much smarter to go a different route. Honestly why compete with 1000's of scam review sites it makes no sense to me? My WA site is myaffiliatehelp.com I thought going that route and offer readers valuable honest info would be much better for myself then creating a scam review site like so many others. The company's been running for over 11 years I believe so anyone who couldn't come up with there own unique ideas as an affiliate for wealthy affiliate just went along with creating a scam review site. In the first year or so that might have been a good idea but after that not so much.

    Also I just wanted to add the only people at Wealthy Affiliate who do or did make the scam review sites are only some of the people who took part in there Affiliate Bootcamp training (like me). They have different training's and that one is geared towards teaching you how to be a successful affiliate to promote Wealthy Affiliate. After my first week I decided to jump into their affiliate bootcamp because I can take all I've learned there and use it for any of my future campaigns. I thought it was a good Idea and still do . Everyone needs to start somewhere.

    My bad If I rambled on too much I just wanted to get my point across. Have a good day everyone.
  15. Kamoccum

    Kamoccum Member

    Anyone familiar with these apples in general, was looking to get scion wood possibly at the end of winter. They seem like very good all around apples. My zone is 5a-6b - western MD.