Very low open rate?

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by germanleadseller, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. germanleadseller

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    I'm facing problems with a few campaigns.
    The open rate is very low. Like below 0,01 percent. 5000 emails sent, 2 views. I'm trying to find the error but I can't. I'm using different purchased optin email lists from the US. And also different software and mail servers.

    There may be optin lists with 2% or 5% open rate, but 0,01% is very low.

    What's the reason?
  2. t-j-tutor

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    The issue is likely that you are using purchased lists that are worn out and going straight to spam folders. You are not using your own opt-in lists. Purchased lists are typically junk.
  3. tyoussef

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  4. What an oxymoronic combination of avatar name and post. My brain is still rattled from that conundrum.
  5. emonetize

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    I have been monetizing purchased data for over 16 years.

    When buying data, you should always get a random sample and test it. That way you will get an idea of the quality and how long it will likely take you to get to break-even. Based on the results of your test, you can negotiate the price if necessary. However, for the test to be valid, you have to be getting acceptable deliverabilty VS your sending cost.

    The only exception is when buying aged data and your getting massive volume at a super low price. However, you don't want to do this either, unless you have the tools to do all the basic cleaning and bounce removal yourself.

    With a 0.0004 open rate, clearly you have a deliverqability problem.

    How are you sending the data?
    Do you know the breakdown of the domains in the list?
    Are you seeding to check deliverability?
    Did you have it cleaned by an email hygiene company?
    How old is it?
    Is it targeted?
  6. germanleadseller

    germanleadseller New Member

    yes, this was my first thought too. But even if the list is used often or even "misused" an open rate below 0,01% is not possible or very unusual.
  7. t-j-tutor

    t-j-tutor Well-Known Member

    It is definitely possible. There those, like @eMonetize that have found when, where, and how to use purchased lists. However, by his own admission, he has been doing this for sixteen years and I guarantee you that he has had issues over the years to deal with as a result of using purchased lists.

    You, on the other hand, are a newbie to using purchased lists. While eMonitize may be able to boast of his successes with these types of lists, it still stands that we live in a world where countries like mine, the USA, require by law that you use an opt-in list of your own when email marketing to U.S. consumers accept when being introduced by another through their list.

    There are still gray areas in many parts of the world where email marketers have fewer laws to deal with, however, from a white hat, transparent, and ethical standard, you should be developing your own lists. In addition, I used purchased lists up until about ten years ago and I can tell you from my experience (and dozens of others I work with) that your own well developed lists will always perform better, especially long term.
  8. emonetize

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    You have a deliverability problem.
  9. t-j-tutor

    t-j-tutor Well-Known Member

    Do you think it's the delivery platform/company, or a list that's been abused?
  10. emonetize

    emonetize Member

    That is not true at all.

    All can-spam says is that you can not use scraped data.

    I'm in the USA and all the data that I buy is data where the users have given permission to receive third party messages. Which is 100% legal under can-spam, as long as I follow all the rules of it.

    Also when you say that you will do much better developing your own list as far as response rates than buying data. That is true, however...

    Buying data and monetizing it is about knowing how to get the best deliverability for the type of data you have and collecting the opens/clickers from the list and dumping the unresponsive users. Then you are building smaller, but more responsive lists that can rival your own optin list..but you did it for a fraction of the cost.
  11. emonetize

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    My gut says deliverabilty. He only got 2 opens out of 5K sent.

    I have many questions as per my previous post that would help make it more clear.
  12. t-j-tutor

    t-j-tutor Well-Known Member

    I did say that. I said, "accept when being introduced by another through their list", (a 3rd party). We're saying the same thing. However, using third party emails still requires that the consumer verify they are willing to accept future emails from you. The CanSpam Act requires the mailer of a purchased list, or those being introduced to the recipient as a third party, to send an authorization email for the recipient to respond to. This is the law, at some point they must opt-in. I've been to many legal briefings over this and it is in the CanSpam Act of 2003 which is enforced by the FTC. You have to, by law, issue an email to have the recipient acknowledge they are willing to receive future emails from you once you send to the recipient as a third party. Once you email as a third party, future emails from you are then considered to be coming from an accepted commercial entity. "If the affiliate also advertises its own services or products, it is also a sender under the CAN-SPAM Act and the rules concerning multiple senders apply (see Multiple Senders)."

    I am not convinced it's cheaper. My lists are far more responsive than any purchased list I used prior to 2006. You've been doing it longer with purchased lists than I. I would need to run a double blind study to see if it holds true today for myself.
  13. emonetize

    emonetize Member

    That is 100% false.

    You do not have to send a message and get the user to opt-in or provide any permission to continue to mail them.

    You can mail any users until they unsubscribe.
  14. germanleadseller

    germanleadseller New Member

    Thank you for all your answers.
    In Europe most Email Marketing is done by third party companies, collected through sweepstakes, etc.
    Open rates vary from 7% to 22% (for rented lists).
    So for the US market I'm a newbie. Even 1-2% open rate would be a success.

    To be honest, part of my subject line was "I tried to reach you...." . Can this be a reason?
    Behind "I tried to reach you" there was a clear statement what I want/what's inside the email. In order to stay can-spam compliant I do so.

    Purchased Lists: Yes, own built opt in lists are better, but this is a hard way to go. I decided to use purchased optin lists and I will use more targeted lists. Another option is to assign an agency.

    However, what can cause my deliverability problems and how to get rid of those problems?
  15. emonetize

    emonetize Member

    How are you sending the data?
    How old is it?
    Is it targeted?

    By any chance...
    Do you know the breakdown of the domains in the list?
    Are you seeding to check deliverability?
    Did you have it cleaned by an email hygiene company?

    What was your entire subject line?

    Do you know what is required for mail to be can-spam compliant?
  16. t-j-tutor

    t-j-tutor Well-Known Member

    Well, I'll choose to accept the first hand information from my attorneys and the FTC.
  17. emonetize

    emonetize Member

    Whoever you talked to was wrong. Trust me, I do this for a living!

    CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Full text:
    LegalArchiver.Org: Can-Spam Act 2003

    You can read the entire law and nowhere does it state that data must have permission or opt-in. It however, does not allow scraped data.

    It even states: when sending unsolicited commercial emails, it must be stated that the email is an advertisement or a marketing solicitation. So the law is actually providing permission to spam, as long as you follow the rules.

    So by acquiring data where the users have given permission to receive 3rd party message is 100% fine, but you still need to follow the law and be compliant, as the users didn't subscribe directly.
  18. dr-forum

    dr-forum Member

    I highly suspect the email list that you are using. I am always against the notion of having to purchase an email list. The reason is you can have a list with members who are dormant or even their emails do not work any longer. Maybe the views you are getting are the only active people that you have from the list. Be sure to build your own email list and try whether yhe results are the same or not.
  19. emonetize

    emonetize Member

    If you get a random sample of a list before purchasing and test it, you will get a good idea of the quality and what it is worth. Also, the only reason you would have any substantial amounts of bounces is because you are buying aged data and you should have the tools to remove such or not purchase it. If your buying fresh/targeted data, the only reason you get bounces are because of typos and again, getting a sample and testing it, alleviates much of the risk of getting poor data.
  20. germanleadseller

    germanleadseller New Member

    How are you sending the data? different software and different mail servers.
    How old is it? from 1 year up to only 1 week
    Is it targeted? 3 sendouts were not targeted, the last (from today) is.

    By any chance...
    Do you know the breakdown of the domains in the list? list has been cleaned for bounces
    Are you seeding to check deliverability? no
    Did you have it cleaned by an email hygiene company? yes, list cleaning service.

    What was your entire subject line?
    "I tried to reach you (remortgage offer)"

    Do you know what is required for mail to be can-spam compliant?
    Yes, I read the can spam act compliance guide again and again and do everything from optin, opt out, suppression lists, clear message, etc.

    However, I don't think any of these things could be a reason for such a marginal open rate. It's too marginal.

    The message itself is in html, well structurd with links and pictures.

    My gut says
    - very bad optin lists or
    - whole ip range of mail server is blacklisted?
    - target url in the message is blacklisted

    These are the things that come most likely into question.
    "most likely", but for me these 3 things are also unlikely and make no sense.