UBI Cryptos?

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency' started by 100kinvesting, Jun 6, 2019.

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    Has anyone looked at, and considered investing in Universal Basic Income Cryptos, like Swift Demand or Manna Base? Do you think UBI Cryptos would be something worth investing in?
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    UBI I have heard of a few places have tried it.
    But what does crypto have to do with that? Sound like a ICO scam ... There is no UBI listed on the
    Monthly Volume Rankings (Currency) | CoinMarketCap
    But TY for the tip LOL

    UBQ [[[I am trying to devise a smart contact solution for a project ... never heard of this.
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    I am reading UBQ (rantings) at reddit [​IMG]
    I am wondering if is just better to device my own closed loop pseudo-blockchain for this project. I am trying to just bypass the whole VISA-Net MID game use www.changelly.com and a crypto wallet Changelly | undefined

    Cryptocurrecy has no intrinsic value. If you have worked in the RE industry -- you know what I mean. But coins are coins in a payment system -- their value can fluctuate -- just like any asset. Something is only worth what it can buy or be sold for today.

    SEPA and ACH payments could be *tokens* relative to some currency/commodities while crypto payments would float with the crypto coin that was paid in. I am thinking out loud here ...
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    It has no value, beyond what people are willing to value for it. Working in the REI some, I know that while some are interested, the vast majority of people won't touch cryptos, due to their volatility. They invest in RE, because it's something solid, and usually looked at as safer than stocks.

    I know Manna Base is actively looking for investors. IDK about Swift Demand, though. The thing is, from the point, it becomes "Well, why should I invest my money into UBI, when you're just going to give it away?"

    The only angle that may make sense is that if UBI cryptos can set themselves up asa 501c3--501c4, for social/civil?--(some may be) or NGOs, and then when investors do invest, it could be a good tax write off...