TrafficVance Referral Needed & Signup Process

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by hot, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. hot

    hot Well-Known Member

    Hello ´fixers,

    I was just at the TrafficVance website and the URL is being re-directed to Propel Media. I think they changed their name or got bought by another company or whatever.

    I filled out an application for but since its the holidays it probably going to take them a bit.

    Was wondering if anybody has recently signed up with this PPV Network?

    Do they still have the $1,000 minimum?
    Do you still need a reference from an active member?

    How is this as a traffic source for you in general?

  2. hellboy

    hellboy Well-Known Member

    i wanna know it too.
  3. Melani

    Melani Well-Known Member

    $1,000 minimum account funding but no referral needed.
  4. smile

    smile Well-Known Member

    i applied it before new year, but never got response. maybe they ignore me, lol.
  5. flower

    flower Well-Known Member

    call them on there website. I applied after New Year. You have to be persistent. Why would they not want your money for advertising.
  6. Pipchik

    Pipchik Well-Known Member

    I tried But they rejected me and they don't even answer my calls. Can i get referral ?
  7. aplle

    aplle Well-Known Member

    Hi i am new to ppv marketing, was trying to signup for propel media but got rejected with no reason. Has anyone tried to apply for a new account recently? do they need a referral?