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  1. chicherito

    chicherito Well-Known Member

    TONIC. submitted a new resource:

    TONIC. - TONIC. is a Zero-Click & POP/CPV Marketplace

    Read more about this resource...
  2. Gilmero

    Gilmero Well-Known Member

    Hello! I wanna register in your network, can you give me voucher code? Thanks
  3. hancock

    hancock Well-Known Member

    Please add me on skype id: henry.bindo!
    We need your traffics
  4. aragon oarry

    aragon oarry Well-Known Member

    Would you like to PM the voucher code as well?
  5. sexmachine

    sexmachine Well-Known Member

    Do you have made any changes in your privacy policy or as like before DNTX?
  6. winner

    winner Well-Known Member

    i used Tonic for a couple of days and ran a few campaigns which we're pointing straight to my CPA offers and no luck.
    Spent $50 and no returns what so ever.I'm still trying to figure out what their traffic is good for.
    I wonder what type of offer converts well on Tonic.
  7. April

    April Well-Known Member

    You should use a spy tool to find out which niche get more profitable. After that simply follow the footstep of the wining campaign and make money.
  8. playboy

    playboy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the suggestion.What spy tool you would recommend?
    Did you try LoLMonies tool?
  9. Difooooo

    Difooooo Well-Known Member

    Hi! i´m intrested! can you give me voucher code please? Thanks
  10. Mark

    Mark Well-Known Member

    lolmonies is meant for ppv traffic, as far as i know there are no spy tools that scrape dntx/tonic ads BUT spy tools like adplexity or adsxposed would be the best to see what type of offers/lps are being used for traffic similar to dntx/tonic
  11. pirate

    pirate Well-Known Member

    Any signup bonus with initial deposit?
  12. pirate

    pirate Well-Known Member

    Currently we don't have any active bonuses.
  13. chicherito

    chicherito Well-Known Member

    when you say selling email traffic, what do you mean exactly?

  14. fipex

    fipex Well-Known Member

    Currently you can only sell and monetize email traffic on Publisher Tonic at Buying Email traffic is not there yet, but stay tuned for news on that [​IMG]
  15. bin

    bin Well-Known Member

    oh cool okay, have you got a doc/resource that explains this? happy to skype also
  16. AffiliateCube

    AffiliateCube Well-Known Member

    Currently we don't. Basically you need your own pool of validated email recipients and we provide you with creatives and a tracking domain for each email campaign you want to start.
  17. just do it

    just do it Well-Known Member

    ok thanks, can i contact someone from inside my tonic panel to help test this?
  18. aplle

    aplle Well-Known Member

  19. aplle

    aplle Well-Known Member

    I made account on tonic around 4 days ago added 50$ from my cc attached verified paypal account.I also created campaign to get my account approved. I waited more then 2 days from them to activate my account since my account was still inactive i mail them and this what i got . No idea why got account block waste time with them.


    Due to security measures we can not activate your account. We will refund your balance to the Paypal account used for funding, and close your account.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    TONIC. Support
  20. aplle

    aplle Well-Known Member

    Amazing service isn't it?
    I asked something in this thread and they never bothered to answer.