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    So before running traffic on OGads I did do some reading about them and they seemed legit enough. But as anyone who's been ripped off by a CPA company before knows, sometimes if a scamp CPA company thinks they can get away with it and no longer has a use for you, they will steal your money.

    I believe that's what happened to me, I got s*****d by

    For the last 2 or so months I have been running my expired domain, and typein domain traffic with Ogads, this is the same traffic I have been using on and for about 2 years now with NO PROBLEMS EVER and full payments always.

    I ran this traffic on Ogads as a test at first, it was earning me daily about the same as it did on those other networks, but I decided to let it run on Ogads so I could reach my minimum payment threshold and collect my payment, which had reached close to $400 and was due in 6 days from now.

    Now, about a week ago, I got told by my AM that the smartlinks are no longer offered on Ogads. I stopped sending any traffic to Ogads.

    Yesterday I asked my AM if I could direct link to an offer that seemed to be where most of my conversions were coming from. He told me no I can't direct link to it, and not to setup a content locker with only that offer or I would be banned.

    I said ok no problem and didn't setup any offers and still didn't send any traffic to Ogads.

    The offer that the smartlinks was redirecting all my, very valuable, USA/CA Mac Desktop Traffic to was one called something like "Hotspot Shiled Mac Trial" I had no control over what traffic was being sent to this offer, the smartlink automatically sent all my USA and CA Mac Traffic to it.

    The next day, I try to login to my account and it says banned. I contact my AM on Skype, and he made 3 different excuses (All False) of why I got banned and not paid, and then he blocked me. Here is the full conversation, you can see for yourself how unprofessional, immature, and fra*****nt is.

    TrailBlazer, 8:10 PM
    Hi Dee, I have a question

    live:dee_ogads, 8:13 PM

    TrailBlazer, 8:13 PM
    I tried to login to my account today and it says i'm banned, can you tell me the reason?

    live:dee_ogads, 8:13 PM

    TrailBlazer, 8:14 PM
    what fraud, there was 0 fraud

    live:dee_ogads, 8:14 PM
    no idea i dont deal with that

    TrailBlazer, 8:14 PM
    all I did was run a smartlink with legitimate traffic, there was 0 fraud whatsoever

    live:dee_ogads, 8:14 PM
    cpc offer

    TrailBlazer, 8:14 PM
    who can I talk to then?
    I have ran this same traffic with and for over two years now, no problem ever

    live:dee_ogads, 8:15 PM
    you got banned for direct linkin to cpc offer

    TrailBlazer, 8:15 PM
    no I didn't, I haven't sent ANY traffic since the smartlink was removed
    0 traffic

    live:dee_ogads, 8:15 PM

    TrailBlazer, 8:16 PM
    *edit out email*
    all I did was run the smartlinks for about 2 months, when they went away, I didn't send any traffic
    all of my traffic went to offers on the smartlink, I never selected any offers for traffic to go to

    live:dee_ogads, 8:17 PM
    you got banned for using smart link with the vpn offer
    thats it

    TrailBlazer, 8:17 PM
    wait what, I didn't put that offer there
    I had no choice in where the traffic went, why did I get banned for something I had no control over?

    As you can see, he first claimed "f***d" with 0 explanation, when I pushed him further, he claimed I "direct linked a cpc offer" that's a complete lie, the only traffic I EVER ran on Ogads was their smartlinks. The smartlinks automatically selected the offers for my traffic. When the smartlinks went down I ran 0 traffic to the

    When I pushed him even more, he asked for my account email (apparently he made the first two excuses why ogads sc****d me without even looking into my account) after I gave him my email, he states I got "banned for using the smartlink with the VPN offer"

    What the HELL is that supposed to mean? I got banned for running a smartlink that his network setup with offers, and me doing absolutely nothing but running very good traffic to it?

    I am beyond pissed right now, i'm LIVID, I wasted two months of traffic with this network Ogads, just to get scammed and then lied to about why the hell they stole my money!

    Avoid Ogads at all costs, if they think they can no longer use you, like they did to me because I stopped sending them traffic, apparently, they will steal all your money and find any excuse in the book to claim you did something wrong. They will then block you on skype and give you no form of recourse. Read the skype log above, do you really want to put your trust into a company that has AMs that respond like Dee did?

    I'm not done here, i'm going to post my story about these s***m artists on every affiliate marketing forum known to man, and every affiliate review site possible. On the forums that allow it, i'll PM members who use Ogads and link them to my story. I won't rest until they pay for this.
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    Spread your story till they reply man, if I knew the dudes at the top well enough I would forward this to them. It sucks to get screwed.
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    @ogads pleas replay.
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    Yea it does suck, especially when the company is supposedly supposed to be "reputable" as you can see by the way the AM spoke with me on skype and then blocked me after ste****g my money, that they are anything but reputable.

    They ripoff people of their livelihoods with not a single sign of guilt or remorse. Just throw out the label "f***d" and block them when they want a real answer. To them all the hard work, effort, commitment and time I put into obtaining and optimizing my traffic means nothing. They somehow think I did it so that I could earn THEM free money.

    Well Og Ads I didn't work hard for hundreds of hours so you can st**l my money for no damn reason at all. And if you think the nearly $400 you stole from me was worth it, you will regret it. If I am not made right by what your company did, my spreading awareness to every single corner on the internet where the name ogads is mentioned, about how I got sca***d, will end up costing ALOT more than the money you stole.

    You will lose profits from current Affiliates who I will make sure will leave, and future ones who will never signup because they don't want to be s****ed.

    You will be held accountable for your theft if its the last thing I ever do.
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    Make sure to make threads on all the popular web forums, bhw, cpaelites, warriorforums, all of them. Skype groups, facebook groups, get creative, maybe a FB ad [​IMG]
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    Let this be a lesson for others, OGAds is not a network you want to be working with [​IMG]
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    let's just wait and see if @ogads will replay to this.
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    It looks better already, i dont see how carved could do anything in this macro?
    Haha and that would mean carved should be implemented in this macro
    Wich would take a lot longer to build,what should i do with distance convex? :shock: