POP Under Networks [NEEDED]

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    PPCmate offers pop-under, pop-up and interstitial advertising formats starting from $0.001 per unique visitor. All possible targeting options are available (device, OS, browser, Geo...). From PPCmate DSP you can advertise on multiple advertising networks (like PropellerAds, AdFly, AdCash and more) from one user interface.

    PPCmate offers $5 bonus for new advertisers. Sign up now and let the results speak themselves.

    Cheers! [​IMG]
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    I'm sorry I forgot to say that PPCmate supports instant campaign activation. New campaigns are activating within 1-2 minutes (24/7) and traffic is starting instantly! [​IMG]
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    minimum deposit?
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    globaladmedia.com - these guys have not good traffic...
    The best traffic is in Adsterra and Dumedia.
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    PropellerAds and PopAds
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    Also you can try Adsterra
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    You can go for Propellerads, Popads, but you can use any spy-tool out there to help you out with this struggle, of looking the best ad-network. You can go for any one as admobispy, whatrunswhere, etc... Good luck with this.
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    Here is the List of Highest paying and Best Pop-Under Ad networks
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    popads very good
    or popcash good
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    pop under I recommended you clicksor one of the best networks I have used
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    yaclick, a new network.
  14. flower

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    Propeller Ads
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    We are at a new phase of a browser war against invasive advertising. Chrome (Google) has a bigger cannon and the resources to develop effective countermeasures when the ad blocking restrictions are circumvented.

    I want to talk about buying adblocked traffic [​IMG] Rather than buying ads that are popped or redirected.

    Graybeard, Feb 19, 2018
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    Hi @Pritom Roy

    You should check SelfAdvertiser.com - CPM traffic - Pop and Domain redirect ad formats.
    WW traffic on Ron and Keywords, many targeting and optimization features.
    I'll be happy to guide you personally, I can provide you with health vertical Keywords.
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