New Free wordpress plugin to create product review pages with data pulled from Amazon, eBay and YouT

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by elvispm, Apr 11, 2019.

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    I've created a free WordPress plugin to create posts with multiple products. Given the Amazon URL, it pulls products data, find prices in eBay, reviews from YouTube and creates a post ready instantly.

    Ideal to create product comparison posts like "best [product category] of [period]" or "best [product category] under [price]" with affiliate links.

    I need some feedback in order to add more functionality (tech specs, reviews pulling, custom templating, site scraping, spinning, translation, autopilot etc..)

    I can't post the link with my account, but you can find it on the plugin directory by searching for "post generator by ses"

    Please let me know. In case the plugin gets popular, I'll give a free premium license to whom contributes with feedback.