NEW AffiliateSummer Feedback

Discussion in 'Support and Feedback' started by Difooooo, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Difooooo

    Difooooo Well-Known Member

    NEW AffiliateSummer Feedback

    Please check out this thread here about the all NEW AffiliateSummer.

    Kindly leave your feedback, suggestions and questions in this thread now.

    Thanks as always.
  2. sexmachine

    sexmachine Well-Known Member

    I'm still exploring the all newness, loving it so far!
  3. haxp

    haxp Well-Known Member

  4. Melani

    Melani Well-Known Member

    Sure, they are now available here: Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateSummer

    You have also been gifted a years FREE paid membership and a lifetime pass to tools.

    Thanks for the reply.
  5. Bestgirl

    Bestgirl Well-Known Member

    Hey, Francisco, are you yelling at us? [​IMG]
  6. sexmachine

    sexmachine Well-Known Member

    Looks awesome [​IMG] Missed AffiliateSummer for past few days.
  7. Butcher

    Butcher Well-Known Member

    Me, too! I won't lie, I went through a bit of withdrawal. [​IMG]
  8. hancock

    hancock Well-Known Member

    • "Close of The Dojo "
    ""All Dojo members will be gifted lifetime access to the new and improved affkit tools along with a years FREE""

    Seems a tad unethical to me ...I paid for a lifetime dojo ...which included affkit tools...basically what you have done here is ...switch company names, merge some other forums, and resell me the Dojo all wrapped up in a new party dress in another year?

    Something wrong with this picture K

  9. chicherito

    chicherito Well-Known Member

    I am a bit ... dissatisfied regarding the Dojo and what we get in exchange. So basically the lifetime payment I did before the dojo could have become perhaps a subscription is now worthless.

    I was gone for a while but now I am jumping back in the affiliate thing.

    I remember back then when the Dojo was launched, you did mention it could become a subscription thing. I jumped on the occasion of course. It was you K who made it and I did not want to pay a subscription.

    I also had affkit tools included but now if I want to whole affkit tool thing (the improved version) I only get 1 year free?

    It was also a nice thing to have access to exclusive stuff in the dojo. Now they are all publicly available. Every tricks and ideas that could perhaps give us an edge over our competitors, it is all publicly available.

    Sorry K. I am not happy with this whole deal.

    Yes. I do feel dissatisfied.

    Am I angry? No.
    Am I a bit bitter and a bit cynical. Yes.

    Will I be inclined to purchase anything from you? Probably not.

    Anyway, I am going back to work. Money has to be made.

    I will remain a member of this forum but I am honestly feeling cheated a little bit.
  10. Butcher

    Butcher Well-Known Member

    Guys, I totally undertasand your frustration, you're MORE than welcome to file a refund claim on Clickbank for your money back. Unfortunately we couldn't devote our time to adding new content weekly inside The Dojo, hence us removing it. So we thought giving you lifetime access to the tools and a years free upgrade here would be a start, and of course as I said you're more than welcome to ask for a refund via Clickbank.
  11. playboy

    playboy Well-Known Member

    Fair enough mr k
  12. trixi

    trixi Well-Known Member

    To be honest i liked the UI before thise one more... now its really pushy with its login pops.
    Also the top and bottom big red bars are anoying, at least thats my feeling... Because the new layout i'm also feeling not that much of drive to visit affiliatesummer anymore
  13. boosterman

    boosterman Well-Known Member

    We always had the big bar at the top, what screen size are you on btw?
  14. lazyman

    lazyman Well-Known Member

    I mean this on:

    And this on:

    I'm on 1680x1050.
    I appreciate the work you pute in the layout, but i just feel its to big...
  15. boosterman

    boosterman Well-Known Member

    Hi AffiliateSummer Admins

    I still have no idea why you closed my thread without any notifications ?

    The thread link I attached below, pls give me a feedback

    Thank you, waiting for your answers

  16. boosterman

    boosterman Well-Known Member

    I've asked about this, someone will respond when we know.

    Were you trying to recruit, solicit or promote? That would get it deleted because you're not a listed rep with a vetted vendor. That's one reason some threads get deleted.
  17. Minion

    Minion Well-Known Member

    What thread? What link?
  18. Mark

    Mark Well-Known Member

    thread is closed
  19. bart

    bart Well-Known Member

    Do you remember which forum it was posted in? TJ can see more things than I can but I haven't been able to find any deleted threads for you.
  20. pirate

    pirate Well-Known Member

    There is no thread. Closed threads can still be seen, they just can't be added to.