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Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by lazyman, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. lazyman

    lazyman Well-Known Member

    Hi, I want to know the best network to get REAL "not bots" Cheap Middle East traffic and has a $50 first time minimum deposit.

    Please suggest any type not just PPV.
    I also want Native Ads, CPC, Domain Redirect,, if possible.

    Some people suggested DNTX for me but i have read bad reviews about their traffic that it's BOTS and not converting even for CPC offers.

    Please help!
  2. Bilbo

    Bilbo Well-Known Member

    you can use popups networks like it most network used by arabs minimum deposit only 10$ also PropellerAds minimum deposit 100$
  3. playboy

    playboy Well-Known Member

    thank you mate but which one do you recommend the most?
  4. fitness trainer

    fitness trainer Well-Known Member
  5. lazyman

    lazyman Well-Known Member

    Does offer mobile traffic?
  6. Butcher

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  7. pirate

    pirate Well-Known Member

    nice thank you very much mate for helping me i really appreciate that!
  8. hancock

    hancock Well-Known Member

    Thank you , anytime you want to help just ask
  9. picasso

    picasso Well-Known Member

    Personally, I do feel that the popup ads networks will be of more help to you than any other network. there are several of them and you will have to list then compare the benefits that come along so that you settle on the one that meets your needs. be sure that you have the network that does the geo-tagged traffic so that you can be able to specify that you only need from the middle east countries. Always do a test before you land on the final decision about this, it is always the best practise to do.
  10. playboy

    playboy Well-Known Member

    You can try Hsoub Ads they work with GB Pound(£) with no minimum initial amount.I think they do offer coupon for try their services
  11. fipex

    fipex Well-Known Member

    popup ads network is best to my knowledge
  12. policeman

    policeman Well-Known Member

    You should definitely try SelfAdvertiser. It's the best place to buy Middle East traffic. Low minimum bid, high quality traffic and great support [​IMG] Let me know if you need any assistance (Skype diana_selfadvertiser)
  13. ladymoon

    ladymoon Well-Known Member

    We can help you with that , add me on Skype and lets chat
  14. Bestgirl

    Bestgirl Well-Known Member

    popads traffic so bad i highly recommended you adwords and facebook ads