Need to find a way to stop the Spam

Discussion in 'Support and Feedback' started by lord-patrick, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. lord-patrick

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    The forum is turning into a cesspool of new user just spamming Threads 1 after another and even in Chinese.

    This is not a good look. Either tweak settting for users to not be able to post Threads to a certeian stage or/and make someone an Admin to stop the massive spam going on in here.
  2. Hello @Lord Patrick , thanks for standing up and putting the concern. We are looking into this.
  3. t-j-tutor

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    • These are bots and if we block their IP we will be blocking hundreds of other members.
    • If you ever make another statement like, "The forum is turning into a cesspool ", again, we will have an issue with you!
    • We are a staff of twelve and we work exceptionally hard to bring great content and to protect our members by vetting every business in our resources area. To call this forum a cesspool is putting yourself in the line of fire with the rest of the membership. They will take that very personal, as do the staff.
  4. lord-patrick

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    I never called this forum a cesspool. "The forum is turning into a cesspool of new user just spamming".

    This forum 2-3 months ago didn't have a spam problem but now it does. At a major level. I see chinesse spam every day on here filling up the home page. Imo that's what the spammer not the real users are making the forum seem when you come here and see BS posted.
  5. t-j-tutor

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    We on staff, as well as all of the members, know of this growing problem. We feel your pain with this issue. Please know that we work diligently to stem this spam. What you don't see is the thousands of spam that we do intercept on a daily basis. What you see is just the tip of the iceberg. It is not a matter of tweaking the spam filters, it is a matter of fighting against software designed specifically to infiltrate communities like ours just to cause disruption.

    We are well aware of the issue. We spend a great deal of our time fighting these dirtbags. It is a battle, and until there are better and more reliable tools to prevent the few bots we don't catch from sneaking in, we have to rely on our staff manually removing them.

    Our staff is made up of truly great and reliable people from all corners of the planet and they are very deserving of a "pat on the back" for the work they do here which includes staying on top of the spam that we receive from bots.

    Please don't ever think we are unaware or unconcerned in this matter.
  6. lord-patrick

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    You guys are not trying to fix it. How can a new user create Threads or spam posts? There should be limits. Every day, without missing there's spam in here.

    This is completely unacceptable. Ban IPs, Set restriction to newly created users without posts so they can't make Threads and if they are spamming post to be able to make Threads... ban them. Do something!
  7. t-j-tutor

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    You are suggesting we do nothing and suggesting we don't care. This topic has been discussed and answered.

    We have made it clear as to the problem. We have made it clear we are working towards solutions. And we have made it clear it is not nearly as simple as you try to make it out to be.

    These are bots on rotating proxies and rotating IP's. By all means, tell us how you stop a bot in it's tracks with software when it is trying to create usernames at a rate of 40 per minute and running against the servers every 60 seconds with a new IP.

    Please calm yourself and know that the staff and owners are working on solutions. Also understand that this is hotting thousands of forums globally and all of them are having the same struggle. Just do a search for "Stop Chinese bot spam" and you will get page after page showing this has been an issue for years. Even Twitter announced recently it cannot stop it and is driving up their cost of business just to remove this crap manually.

    It is being addressed aggressively on a global scale and we are in the fight!