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Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by lukepeerfly, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. lukepeerfly

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    As a followup to my review of BoxOfAds, I started a group chat on Skype to discuss PPV and BoxOfAds. If you'd like to join just message K or I on Skype and ask to be added or reply with your Skype username [​IMG]
  2. skaach

    skaach New Member

    Hey Luke,
    I sent you a request

  3. johnnygood

    johnnygood New Member

    I will as well be active on that group [​IMG]So if you have any questions about BoxOfAds or PPV feel free to ask me there as well.

  4. lukepeerfly

    lukepeerfly Member

    Awesome. The chat is growing pretty nicely. There was already some great info shared and discussed yesterday. Excited to see where it goes [​IMG]
  5. jerryling

    jerryling New Member

    Hi, Luke. Can i Join? My skype is jerry0130. Thank you. [​IMG]
  6. vansontan

    vansontan New Member

    Mine is jontan0901. Pls add me to the group. Thanks Luke!
  7. nickguti

    nickguti New Member

    enguti01 - Thanks!
  8. tech12psk

    tech12psk New Member

    my skype id is : busydude1 , add me please
  9. byrlen

    byrlen New Member

    I'm newbie. My skype: byrlenguyen, add me please
  10. greevi

    greevi New Member

    I would like to join please Luke

    skype paul.grieveson2

  11. adidam

    adidam New Member

  12. dario

    dario Member

    Skype: DarioCPABeyond

    Add me to that PPV Skype group [​IMG]
  13. inboxer

    inboxer New Member

    my skype is : the-ua ( Texas , USA ) , Wanna Join Please [​IMG]
  14. lukepeerfly

    lukepeerfly Member

    Sorry, I'm losing track of who has been added and who hasn't. If you haven't been added, add me on Skype (LukePeerFly) and ask to be added! [​IMG]
  15. piqano

    piqano New Member

    please add me to this group Luke :
    SKYPE : M.Laghfiri
    Thank you so much in advance!
  16. dario

    dario Member

    Added before few hours mate,still didn`t accept me.
    Skype ID: DarioCPABeyond
  17. piqano

    piqano New Member

    Thanks Luke for adding me [​IMG]
  18. vansontan

    vansontan New Member

    Hi Luke,

    Can add VansonTan for this group too?

  19. peatrex

    peatrex New Member

    skype : issam.assafi

    I would really like to join, thanks in advance
  20. samcool80

    samcool80 New Member

    please add me - samir.shah1985