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Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by April, May 1, 2018.

  1. April

    April Well-Known Member


    So I am using RTX Platform, trying to get people who are looking to work from home, make money online etc, grabbed target URL's put them into the keywords. Getting impressions but no one is opting in!

    This is the sort of page I'm using(I keep testing different copy, pics, styles etc) I've even used a very plain one, just a white background with some text and an opt in box.


    I have 330 targets, so I wanted to get 100 impressions on each and cut out non converters, however I am getting 0 conversions, which seems verrrry strange to say it is targeted urls and the offer matches.
  2. Bilbo

    Bilbo Well-Known Member

    What traffic are you running? These type of offers need a TON of traffic to get a conversions to get a conversion so hold your breath when chucking pop, display and social traffic at an offer like that [​IMG]

  3. Jeki

    Jeki Well-Known Member

    Well after $5 spent I'd expect at least 1-2 email opt ins. Someone else is using PPV same network and getting these type of lead prices.

    Even 3 email leads for 1000 impressions would be solid for me at $3 per lead.
  4. policeman

    policeman Well-Known Member

    POP traffic RTX Platform. And it's only email opt in's not a buying point etc.
  5. just do it

    just do it Well-Known Member

    There you go - pop is notoriously crap. Try sending PPC or Social traffic and you'll get a much better result [​IMG]

  6. Liza

    Liza Well-Known Member

    I would not recommend pops,

    I totally agree
  7. smile

    smile Well-Known Member

    Do you have any PPC networks that are worth while? Can't use Google with my offer. Bing ads used to be ok, but keep getting my account blocked due to "suspicious activity" which they won't tell me what. Annoying lol.
  8. Difooooo

    Difooooo Well-Known Member

    Changed it and added urgency! Will see how it goes!
  9. aplle

    aplle Well-Known Member

    What do you expect for a CTR on a popup/under?
    pops have a 97% - 99.5+% bounce rate from my experience. 99%+ median
    you might need 70K to 100K pops to test for conversion.

    Graybeard, Feb 14, 2018
  10. trixi

    trixi Well-Known Member

    Did you read and understand this OMG RTX Platform Services Agreement | RTX Platform
    That aside; Change now -- your CTA is wrong IMO.

    Only 5 positions open now
    email me an info packet and an invitation

    We hate Spam -- we promise not to sell or share your email address

    • Get started today is lame I think very overused
    • Create a sense of urgency and that the viewer is being considered for a limited opportunity
    • A/B test this type of copy with what you are using.
    Personally, I think MMO is a very skeptical or desperate market (vertical). You either have to be super legit, branded and reputable or offer a very exciting and new opportunity.

    Graybeard, Feb 14, 2018
  11. Panda

    Panda Well-Known Member

    With short money affiliate commissions this is a hard way to go. Understand, that getting an email address, app install or the sale of a product or service are all conversions -- if you get paid for them.

    Somewhere there is a sweet spot between conversion ratio and ROMI (return on marketing investment [this can be cash or your time]).

    Graybeard, Feb 14, 2018