I want to monetize better my website(good traffic)

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by Gilmero, May 13, 2018.

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    I have a torrent website with good traffic from mostly tier 1 countries(stats according to Cloudflare):
    Total requests(since 21 december): 12 500 000, total unique visitors: 206 600(also since 21), top traffic origin: France 5 002 945, Russia 1 881 763, US 1 473 497, 1 299 283, NL, 1 299 283 requests.

    I recently tried to monetize it, rarely I have a good CPM(for last week max was 3.5$, only one time), for example for yesterday for 18 000 impressions(my ad company only count top countries), a CPM of 0.35$... so in total 6.4$ for 18k impressions...

    I am interested in pop-up/under, tab-up/under, interstitial, do you think of a good company that can fit with my website/traffic?

    Also, with such traffic, how many $/day you think I can make at least?

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    hi how u generating that much huge traffic can we have an screen shot plz [​IMG]
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    What network did you try?
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    dude with the huge traffic you have there, you can try to sell some positions on your website, and make some good money dude! also if we where aware about what your website is about, then maybe people could be able to suggest you better what to promote.
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    Nice numbers! don't know if it is still relevant, but I have a few websites that I monetize with RevenueHits. The PPV traffic works great for me and has a nice revenue. I can put you in contact with my account manager there.
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    And what does your torrent traffic BUY?

    Why not make funnel pages to your own affiliate pages and see what that traffic's CTR is and what the net ROMI (conversions EPC is). Torrent traffic is junk traffic in my book -- they only buy free -- still in that quantity there must be some sales -- the *shotgun method* -- you will hit something [​IMG]

    Maybe, cost Per Install (CPI) app installs advertising would monetize?

    Graybeard, Jan 29, 2018
  8. Leonid

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    Hi there!
    I'd highly recommend you not to limit the monetizing of your traffic by using ad networks alone, it is much more effective when they are working as a whole connected via ad mediation platform. You see, CPM rates are constantly changing and therefore when such a mediator searches for the most cost-effective options to sell your traffic to you don't have to worry about losing money.

    As for the specific ad networks take a look at here: Best Ad Networks by CPM (2018) — сompare average CPM rates by country from the top highest paying banner and pop-under ad network list. You know that your traffic comes mostly from Tier-1 countries, so just choose one of the suitable countries from the drop-down list above the table, click at the ad type you're interested in and see the results.
    For instance, PopAds.net would pay you $2.09 for the traffic from FRANCE (popunder) and for CANADA the highest rate is offered by AdsTerra.com which is $1.63.
  9. Bilbo

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    I completely agree! That's a great spot to be in and can allow you to expand your business to a great extent! Most people pay quite a bit to get the traffic that is as high as that! Keep it going!
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    You can monetize your traffic with us. We support new advertising formats (push notifications, video, etc.), and work with all verticals. [​IMG]

    Registration here - Adsterra | Sign UP

    p.s. I will be glad to answer all questions. [​IMG]
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    torrent traffic converts on crypto offers very well, Now a days bitcoin making another rise.

    try running some crypto offers, these offers are high paying upto 400$ for single conversion.

    We are observing 30 conversions per day [​IMG] Itz Crazy