How to find Advertisers?

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    Hello, I'm Farjad, manager in Idvert, an affiliate network with years of experience. We've HQ traffic mostly from US, JP, KO, CN, and others.
    We're partnered with Google Adwards in China and we've our own Media buy Team.

    Currently, I'm looking for Advertisers. I'm expecting a mutually beneficial working relation.

    Please mention some ways to get Advertisers.
    OR Advertisers contact me Please.

    Contact links:
    [email protected]
    Skype: thefarjadqureshi
    Facebook: Farjad Nadeem Qureshi
  2. katya

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    Hey! Search for the ones you prefer via Google, visit their homepages and contact them via the listed e-mail/phone/skype id's there. Just don't forget to mention in details what your proposal is about, so if interested they would contact you right away.
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    I've added you on skype [​IMG]