How to configure Facebook Pixel in my website?

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  1. mvm-infotech

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    How to configure Facebook Pixel in my website?
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    Is it an ecommerce website? What is your CMS?
  3. nilomartseo

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    [*]Go to Business Manager Settings tab in Ads Manager.
    [*]Click Pixels under People and Assets.
    [*]Click Create a Facebook Pixel.
    [*]Type in a name for your pixel.
    [*]Check the box to agree to the Facebook Pixel Terms.
    [*]Click Next.
    [*]To start installing your pixel on your website, click Set Up Now.
  4. Go to the Facebook Ads Manager. Click on the “Pixels” menu item that appears underneath the drop down menu in the top left corner of the screen. Click on the green “Create a Pixel” button on the setup screen. Enter a name for your Pixel in the pop up box and click “Create Pixel”.That’s it. We’ve created Pixel! Click “Install Pixel Now” to add it to website.
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    Hope you found How to go about it ,The guidelines above are pretty much it.