How much traffic do I need for testing on PPV

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by romio, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. romio

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    I have finally setup a tracker on my website and now I can know the source of traffic when advertising with PPV.

    I am new with PPV and I would like to ask the experts and people who have experience in the area.

    After I setup a traffic campaign. how many visits with no conversions I need in order to say that the campaign is not working.

    When you change your strategy?

    When you know that this is not going to work?

    Should I send 1000 or 10.000 visits for every campaign in order to have statistics?


    For example I use native ads for my advertising campaigns and my rule is that when I get 200 visits with no conversion I change the strategy.

    What about with you and PPV campaigs?
  2. graybeard

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    As a guideline 1,200 or so is considered a reasonable sample.
    At what point in your conversion funnel?
    So what will it take to get 1,200 people to the point were they *could* be converted?
    Past the landing page ...
  3. alphawarrior

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    is 200 native ad views substantial data to test if the offer works or not ?
  4. kjrocker

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    Personally I make sure offer works before choosing it, Test it yourself , Ask your AM for recommendations i wont spend a penny on an offer i dont know anything about and weather it will convert or not .. With that said for your inspiration here are stats from offer i just launched a few hours ago [​IMG]

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    No traffic addition for the OP - however great to see ya trafficking again, @kjrocker [​IMG]
  6. alphawarrior

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    are u doing direct links or using a landing page ?
    thats good stuff!
  7. kjrocker

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    Landing pages always , even those you see as DLs are pre selling funnel sites ...
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    @kjrocker i am glad to see you back again.
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    Hey!! Thanks buddy yeah its good to be back [​IMG]