Have you seen PayPal's newest edition? - PayMate.com

Discussion in 'Customer Relationship Management (CRM)' started by jpvonline, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. jpvonline

    jpvonline Member

    Hello everyone!
    PayPal/eBay have created a new Payment Processor called Pay Mate.
    I saw it while setting up a listing on eBay, as they are now accepting payments from Pay Mate.
    What are your opinions on this and have you seen this before?
  2. bigbigfan

    bigbigfan New Member

    I think someone at eBay/Paypal was afraid to miss the mobile payment platform in which people can pay, or accept payment, with their cell phones.

    Since eBay relies on delivery companies to ship items sold and those delivery companies can accept payment upon delivery I think it makes sense to at least get into the market but from a user point of view - no thanks.

    I'll still pay cash when at all possible and will use Paypal to pay in advance if it means not needing to provide a credit card to some delivery guy on his mobile device.
  3. zerth

    zerth New Member

    Haven't heard that before, but it looks pretty good. But PayPal looks better.
  4. tweety23

    tweety23 New Member

    First time hearing about this, but I'm currently happy with using PayPal.
  5. afh

    afh New Member

    Looks very similar to SwipeHQ , but I trust their solution and don't trust PayPal at all.
  6. jpvonline

    jpvonline Member

    I agree. I would never trust PayPal, that's why I always keep money in my account in small sums, just in case something goes wrong.

    Yes I agree. PayPal has a much better look than paymate, I haven't signed up yet.

    Same here. PayPal is my preferred option but it's always a risk as they limit accounts by the day.
  7. deansaliba

    deansaliba New Member

    I hadn't heard of them before but I had a feeling something like this was on the horizon as the mobile payment platform is a huge thing right now and I believe PayPal were one of the few big players not on board.

    I think it is a good idea, I won't be using it though as I prefer to pay for things with cash as I have had too many experiences where my cards have been mistakenly rejected and I can only take that embarrassment so many times. [​IMG]
  8. tweety23

    tweety23 New Member

    What do you mean by limiting accounts?
  9. jpvonline

    jpvonline Member

    PayPal ToS (Terms of Service) is VERY strict. One bad move and they limit your account for 180 days restricting you from sending, withdrawing and sometimes even receiving money.

    I have used PayPal a lot for mobile payments, just getting into my full account was a pain on my phone and mobile devices.
  10. tweety23

    tweety23 New Member

    ^Wow, I would say that I'm pretty safe with using PayPal. I can't imagine what I could do that could possibly restrict my account and I hope I never experience that. I should actually take a look at the Terms of Service real quick lol.
  11. appleannie123

    appleannie123 New Member

    Wow, this sounds like a great thing to take to the market. If I have high ticket items like MP3 players and Blue Tooth headsets I will need something like this. Who would go to the market to look for something like this? But almost everyone has a debit card in their wallet and if I have what they are looking for, they will buy it.
  12. jpvonline

    jpvonline Member

    Speaking of limitations. Today mine was limited. Luckily I withdrew all of my funds the day before! *phew*
    Reason: You have sent to many refunds in a short amount of time.
    As you can see, as silly as the reason is, I will never have access to my PayPal account again.

    Very Frustrating [​IMG]
  13. tweety23

    tweety23 New Member

    Wow, that's crazy. It looks like my account might possibly get restricted in the future for some stupid reason like yours did. How long is your account restricted for?
  14. trentz

    trentz New Member

    Never want to use another though. I hardly remember my password to my paypal but I use it to pay for my hosting bills. I don't want to give away my bank info again to some other systems that haven't prove yet. They never announce paymate or do any press release about it, hope someone that have tried it can tell something for us.
  15. tara

    tara New Member

    I heard that PayPal was getting into the mobile payor business, but didn't know that it was going to have a completely different name. It looks like it trying to compete against SquareUp. I would never use PayPal for this purpose. PayPal is just too touchy.
  16. vida_llevares

    vida_llevares New Member

    Just a quick question. What makes PayMate different from PayPal?
  17. bauss

    bauss New Member

    I never heard of paymate before this thread, but I won't be using paymate. I'm happy with only using Paypal.
  18. tara

    tara New Member

    PayMate is an app that used on a smartphone to accept payments. It would be used by a local business to accept credit cards. If you are doing web design, you could accept payment via credit card with your Iphone or Android.

    I would never trust PayPal with a brick and mortar business, but that's just me.
  19. jpvonline

    jpvonline Member

    PayMate is much easier to use on mobile devices or tablets.
    I wonder if PayMate allows previously limited PayPal members to join?
    I'll make a thread but that will definitely be an interesting topic.
  20. moneyman

    moneyman New Member

    I haven't heard of Paymate before but it seems to be very similar to Paypal. However, I have decided to stay with Paypal even though their terms of service are strict. I have a verified account in order to lift the limits and avoid the account getting limited so easily.