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    I'm completely new with US-based linkbuilding, and I am learning new things every day. I have 5 years of experience from my own country though.

    I've tried searching for places to publish guest posts and/or have my links added, but it seems like most people want to sell full SEO-packs/strategies only.

    Does any of you happen to know of a place where I can buy real backlinks and/or publish high-quality guest posts?

    Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Welcome to the past c.2004

    I have one blog ] people post comments, and if I like the comment, I usually remove any links in the comment --then approve it.

    If a link is approved it is a rel=nofollow link anyway (useless [in theory]), most links are today -- unless you pay for them. If you are paying for links and the search engines find this out (usually by pattern recognition algorithms) your bought links will be ignored.

    In extreme cases: Link farming will get your domain removed for the indexes (deindexed, banned).

    So, if you like to waste you time in a counterproductive manner -- use this sort of strategy.
    If you are looking for fast short-term results -- link trading and guest posting MAY work only for a very short time --then that domain is SEO trash.
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    Thank you for the feedback!

    I do know commentlinks are always nofollow (Wordpress default), but that's not what I'm looking for.

    In my country we have a members-only forum, where people share guest-post opportunities on their own sites. Those sites are real, has loads of content and aren't solely made for linkbuilding. They usually have strict requirements for posting, e.g. posts MUST be relevant for the given site, no shady topics, 1000 words minimum, etc. Posts are only approved, if they serve a real purpose (read: Made for actual humans to read and find useful).

    But you don't think this exists in the US?
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    Everything I have seen lately is nofollow (like this forum is).

    Google has killed the linking aspect of the internet.
    What you want are voluntary link recommendations from real users that like your content -- that is the only link that matters for SEO today.

    If you want links that generate human traffic --that is a horse of another color. Having links in a forum or social media for real people to click on is a good thing. If they will click [​IMG]
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    Oh, I guess you're probably a couple of years ahead of Danish standards, then. In my country, even PBN's and splogs are still VERY big business.

    I want voluntary link recommendations as well, but then I need my sites visible in SERP first [​IMG] I do agree with you, though. I'd love to have 100% voluntary links from real users, but those are the most difficult ones to get.

    Pulling traffic from forums or social media can be challenging, I agree. And most forums don't allow links to affiliate sites (with good reason, I think), at least that's my personal experience.

    Thank you for your advice, I'll rethink my strategies a bit [​IMG]
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    You can buy links in guest-posts. They offer you to publish your own article or publish your link in the article. I have experience in such type of work and want to say that I's hard to sell your link somewhere for a low price...