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    Today We Gonna Talk About a network That they became sponsors in a lot of events from our money (All Affiliates)

    they cut my money and refused to pay me . then being a VIP sponsor in AWE , From our money they are trying to show the other affiliates they are the top network , to steal there money also [​IMG]

    in Gotzha i was working in an offer called lazada

    taha (my Affiliate Manager) sent me a message to work in this offer we got our banners ready and we sent traffic from avazu banner ads and my push notification list

    then he told me before starting this offer hard kpi , i asked him about the payouts , he told me they are based on the quality score and he is flexible with payout the bigger score the more payout !

    then i started working in this offer

    in the first week i generated 7K

    then i’m asking him everyday about the quality and he didn’t replayed till one day he told me here is the quality sheet till 20 july i was amazed all the installs were 0 quality

    but the reason wasn’t about the 0 quality the reason is that i started working on the offer 21 july how he put my quality report 0 and got the installs number and the advertiser sent it to him !!

    that means that the advertiser didn’t sent the report

    then for another some days maybe weeks taha wasn’t answering any question or message

    he told me he were in vacation !!

    -is it a gift for cutting 7k from an affiliate ???

    whatever ! while he was in vacation i asked his Mate Sasha (another affiliate manager at Gotzha) about the quality and he replayed that it’s ok !! and asked me to send more traffic to ID Geo

    how ?!

    then he sent me a different quality reports than that sent by taha !!

    it was 0-29 not zero as he said

    then i was wondering why he want more traffic for this geo if my quality is bad and how he said that the quality is ok

    then after he got back from his vacation i told him that sasha sent me the actual report !

    *sasha was my account manager in the network till taha get back !

    then after i sent taha the reports sent by sasha we then started to talk about payments

    and we tried to make it with PayPal and he told me he can’t he only want to pay wire and then he said he will do his best for PayPal

    then after this message i asked him to send the payment then he said wire is better

    then he didn’t replayed since that day even i sent him a lot of messages

    but there were no response then he answered we can’t pay !!!

    how !!!

    i don’t know he were talking about the quality that also sent by another account manager and said it’s ok ?!!

    then he was saying i will pay you a percentage but then he said i can’t pay bro !!

    then he always tried to get away he wasn’t replaying any messages till the last week

    he was sad about my tune and told me i though you are a good guy as **** referred

    then told me it’s hard to solve this problem and then he were trying to get away


    so whatever this network is just scamming , taha didn’t mentioned that there is no payment if a certain quality didn’t reached

    i though as always there is 15% deduction as common !

    screenshots are attached below

    Case start date = 21 july

    Offer : Lazada cpi multi geo

    Traffic Source : Avazu DSP ——] Banner ads + Push Notification

    ROI = -30% after paying the expenses of employees that were working on this campaign

    Quality screen shots only one contain lazada logo! : it not allows posting links i will try to put it in replies

    if you want anything ask in the replies and will be happy to put it [​IMG]

    whatever this network not deserve to spend your time and your money on it

    sorry about my english

    and Thanks