Earn Bitcoins while using Google Chrome

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency' started by thecosmoscowboy, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. thecosmoscowboy

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    keep your income in your BTC wallet and it will be getting worth more in USD because Bitcoin exchange rate is constantly rising. The profit you make today will rise a few times by the end of the year.

    Min withdrawal 0.0004btc.

    Payment proof:
  2. prideofelites

    prideofelites New Member

    How exactly does it work? Can you please elaborate?
  3. nookiehd

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    i think he means cryptotab. you can find it here:
  4. minerad

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    If you want to make profit by using JavaScript browser miner - Miner.Ad platform is what you are looking for.

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  5. kuggyes

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    I am going to try. All in all, why not?
  6. purepay

    purepay Member

    I would read reviews before doing anything, just in case others have tested and have an opinion [​IMG]
  7. graybeard

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    Install a trojan miner in your browser -- sounds legit [​IMG]

    Install a secretly loading trojan to your website -- that will go over big [​IMG]

    What's the real difference -- remote loading ads or trojan JavaScripts -- they all milk the visitors resources.
    My ad blocker blocks 37 ads on some news sites -- welcome to the frigin' Internet zoo ...