Can't cancel AFFKIT

Discussion in 'Support and Feedback' started by ki41foo, May 28, 2019.

  1. ki41foo

    ki41foo New Member

    The billing section on website is down and the support can't be reached by email which got me charged again this year. Can somebody help me cancel this and make a refund? My account email is [email protected]
  2. t-j-tutor

    t-j-tutor Well-Known Member

    We do not own AffKit, but we do have a relationship with them. Our Dojo members from the days we had the Dojo got it with their Dojo upgrade, but anyone that purchased it after that did so through the AffKit billing portal. You were not a Dojo member, so this was a purchase you made on the AffKit site and now on ours.

    I will forward your message to the current AffKit owners and ask them to address this.
  3. t-j-tutor

    t-j-tutor Well-Known Member

    Refunded and subscription has been cancelled.