Can I sell SMM things on new Marketplace??

Discussion in 'Support and Feedback' started by koro, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. koro

    koro New Member

    I have many very interesting SMM things like
    Facebook followers, likes, shares
    Instagram followers, views
    YouTube likes, subs.
    And many etc .
    So can i sell something of this?

    Affiliatefix has TOS.

    Restricted items include (but not limited to) the buying, selling, or renting of affiliate network accounts, social accounts, credit cards or credit card information, trading currencies of any type, or any other type of non-transferable account that may violate another company's terms of service.

    So can I sell likes, views, comments?
  2. t-j-tutor

    t-j-tutor Well-Known Member

    No, we do not allow these things to be bought, sold, or traded in AffiliateSummer.