Best Mobile Ad networks work on CPM basis?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by erichurricane, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. erichurricane

    erichurricane New Member

    Looks like the ad networks hardly work on CPM basis, but now we only have CPM offers, that's awkward. Any share for CPM mobile networks?
  2. admoda

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    We (Admoda) work on a CPM basis, along with CPC. If you've not given it a try, simply visit the site and sign up. There's no obligation.

    We have traffic in about 200 countries, so hopefully we can get you the traffic you want.
  3. marinakimia

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    Hi @Erichurricane, there are still original networks that work on CPM, like Exoclick; the thing is, there are many new networks poping up that are focused on CPA [​IMG]
  4. erichurricane

    erichurricane New Member

    Yes, just found it, today I met a guy who said I am very strange since we buy app install through CPM model.
  5. julieta-gueorguieva

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    [​IMG] I will be happy to help you out.
    Skype me ] julieta.mobicow
  6. kenrebel

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    Hello Erichurricane, I know my answer may not be what you're looking for but CPM model for mobile advertising is not as efficient as CPA model imo. I do know a good CPA network that monetize mobile traffic pretty well. Let me know if you're interested
  7. garrettthalamus

    garrettthalamus New Member

    You can look into Chartboost, Applovin and StartApp
  8. johny78564

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    Here is the list of 20 Best CPM ad networks to earn money in 2018
  9. martinsmith

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    "Here is the list of 20 Best CPM ad networks to earn mo

    Useful info..thanks for sharing the post..
  10. yasar-ali

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    Check these ad networks.
  11. Google display network.
  12. addvertize

    addvertize New Member

    Hi guys, I would suggest you checking out Addvertize. This is a new project and of course it uses 3rd party ad networks to serve ads - in other words, it does mediation, no magic here. However, it is also a service project, that has several unique features that no one has or ever had:

    -one click SDK integration
    -protection from any adware/malware injection
    -protection from SDK removal
    -trigger based ad serving system
    -automatic detection (if needed) of non-Google Play installs and serving additional ads to those installs
    -remote control over ads behavior

    In other words, it has everything to increase your revenue and - what's more important, to protect your traffic from being stolen.