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Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by shourove-saha, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. shourove-saha

    shourove-saha New Member


    Which bulk e-mail solutions do you use? Can anyone give me a better solution?

    Advance Thanks.
  2. majoradviser

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    What are you looking for in an email service provider (ESP)? What product are you sending?

    Often times I see marketers looking for recommendations, but they don't have a clear idea of what they want to get out of their usage. Are you looking for a reliable service that will produce low bounce rates?

    It is possible to get great results regardless of the sender depending on the email address list you use.
    I recommend looking into building a high-quality list by validating it with an email checker and improving it over time.

    Feel free to reach out to me about email deliverability if you have any questions.

    Top 5 Email Senders:
    Constant Contact
  3. rinkal-lalani

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    I have listed Top 10 Bulk Email Marketing Service Provider:
    • MailChimp
    • MailiGen
    • AWeber
    • IContact
    • GetResponse
    • CampaignMonitor
    • SendinBlue
    • Benchmark Email
    • ActiveCampaign
    • Emma
  4. dark-banana

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    All above have very spam strict policy, sending emails with bulk without receiver consent and GDPR thing will just block your account, Mostly after you upload the leads and create the template and start sending a campaign it will go to moderator to approve, where he will just cancel the campaign before it is send and block your account, THAT is if your emails are spammy )))
  5. andreausa

    andreausa New Member

    Thank you for the list.
  6. tedel

    tedel New Member

    Look at PHPlist or Sendy. The rest are more expensive, and not significantly better to pay for that.
  7. mass-mailer

    mass-mailer Member

    If you want to send bulk mails means high volume to non-optin or unconfirmed lists and your budget is low then go for following companies.
  8. dark-banana

    dark-banana Member

    share the link please
  9. martinsmith

    martinsmith Member

    Use MailChimp to send bulk emails...
  10. julia-ann

    julia-ann Member

    I used MailChimp, SendinBlue & AWeber but none of them was so useful. I'm still looking for the better service provider.
  11. bauman-raymond

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    the best and the cheapest is amazon ses
  12. nick-turchiano

    nick-turchiano New Member

    I personally love Inter7's Robomail. Sit's on Centos and gives you freedom to scale your network as you need.
  13. affmarketer101

    affmarketer101 Well-Known Member

    It would be (Amazon SES +
  14. firefan

    firefan New Member

    For sending bulk mails i use since 2006 my own software their license i bought. The software is called supermailer. They offer different software license packets. Supermailer is a german software solution, an english version is also offert.
    License Pricing:

    This version is free for private and commercial use. This version allows creating and sending personalized newsletters to at most 100 newsletter recipients.
    Price: Free of charge
    This version is only for private users or non-profit organizations with a number of recipients under 500. This license is for one workstation.Commercial usage is not allowed.
    Price: 24.00 USD
    [*]Professional Limited
    This version is suited for more newsletter recipients and equipped with additional features. Ideal for firms and persons or non-profit organizations with a number of recipients under 5000.
    This license is for one workstation.
    Price: 62.00 USD
    [*]Professional Unlimited
    With this version you can manage a unlimited number of newsletter recipients. All additional features are available.
    This license is for one workstation.
    Price: 82.00 USD
    [*]Professional Unlimited BCC
    This is the professional unlimited version with the feature to send emails via BBC (blind copy). If you use BBC, personalizing emails are not possible.
    This license is for one workstation.
    Price: 150.00 USD
    The website where this software will offered is

    The use of your own software has the advantage that you can use it indefinitely and you have only one time the cost of the license fees.
    Please excuse my bad english.
  15. allend

    allend New Member

    I've been using and it's great!
  16. matt-smith

    matt-smith Member

    These aren't even the top 10 right now? where did you get your resources?
  17. unclehat

    unclehat New Member

    I personally suggest using "sendgrid" with mailwiz cheap and easy.
  18. matt-smith

    matt-smith Member

    CleverReach is also super easy and best bang for your buck as it is based around what you need, with options of free templates or customize your own
  19. itstrisha

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    Email marketing is a traditional way to generate revenue. It is utilized by thousands of businesses around the globe. Whether its a big company or a startup. Everyone need to do email marketing to connect with targeted customers and also retention. All we need to have is an email marketing platform.
    The best email marketing service provider in India is It has a powerful email marketing platform that meets all your business needs. It has amazing features that could make your email marketing do wonders.
  20. matt-smith

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    Do you use Sarv? what do you think it is that sets it apart from the others other then "best in India" as pretty much every email marketing company is Global