Bad Experience with Mobvault

Discussion in 'Support and Feedback' started by pankit-dutta, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. pankit-dutta

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    Hey Guys,
    Please be aware of this network mobvault,

    AM is not even replying from last many days,
    After every 7-10 days, they change our AM, All numbers are already confirmed.
    Even we mailed them invoices more than 20 times.

    A few months back we have faced the same issue with them, after confirming numbers they deducted some amount from the invoice.

    Last 3 months invoices are unpaid. This network is a complete scam.

    Look like this company is going to shut down soon, they are facing some financial crisis

    Proof attached
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    Please do not ask members to download, copy and paste it ion the thread instead. Also, host your images and use the add image tool on the post toolbar.

    Sorry to hear of these issues. It's because of issues like this we vet all vendors in our Resource area. Doesn't always help, but it weeds out loads of the less than desirable networks and vendors.

    Hope you get your money!
  3. pankit-dutta

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    Changes done [​IMG]

    Thanks, mate.