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Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by schleprock, May 7, 2019.

  1. schleprock

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    I applied to advertise my website on Google Ads and they said no.

    I sell a Clickbank product that helps people with addictions. My website is about alcoholism. I mention that there are medical interventions and said that TOPAMAX and NALTREXONE are two of them.
    Google disapproved me for that, or I could get an NABP certificate (which will never happen)
    They also said I am offering addiction services. I offer only 2 things on my site, the Clickbank product and alot of info about how alcoholism works.

    Who can I turn to for more PPC keyword targeted advertising. Bing just doesn't have the numbers I need.

    This is very targeted so categories like "addiction" would be too broad.
  2. graybeard

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    You could test buying CPC display ads.
    You are trying to market what is conceived as being a *high-risk* product -- that is why you were declined. Same goes for payday loans, diet products. etc.

    Google wants to avoid controversy in any actions where they have real editorial control -- like advertising sales.
  3. schleprock

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    Could I just try it using Bing Display (I think they have a native advertising platfrom).
    Or do you have another recommendation.

    Any targeting that would allow for specificity like "stop drinking, quit drinking, get sober" could work. In search KW targeting I also add things to those KWs like "on your own, by yourself" to make sure only the people who want to do this on their own click my ads.

    I'm a small budget advertiser so I can't have a big minimum deposit to get started.

    THanks for answering so quickly and explaining why
  4. graybeard

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    maybe target 'bail (money|bonds)' -- you want to tell the judge you are going to AA meetings and doing something about your drinking problem before sentencing hearings [​IMG] these would be motivated clicks [​IMG]
  5. schleprock

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    That is some strategic, out of the box thinking there. Nice.
  6. schleprock

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    I had not even heard of them. I will check them out. It looks like they do mobile. I get more mobile traffic then desktop. So that could be useful.

    Does also do PPC for KWs? (I don't know much about mobile traffic)
    I assume you would just put ads on apps but wouldn't that make targeting pretty difficult.
    As you can imagine, people think about alcoholism/addiction a lot when they wake up and have to go to work with a hangover. (I have a post on diarrhea after drinking that I have done nothing to promote, it gets more traffic than any other page on my site, because people want to know how to alleviate symptoms the next day, I guess?)
    Anyway, these people seem to do it primarily from their phones.
    (too bad there is not a way to target hungover people)
  7. tom804

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    Theres so many possinle keywords you can target about alcohol related problens.

    Try ASAP programs, interlock devices, and even sweating alcohol out.
  8. schleprock

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    I know. For know I am focusing on Neuroplasticity/Nutrition program to help people quit. If I can make those KWs pay I will happily branch out into other KWs too.
  9. schleprock

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    About Wap.Click?
    It looks like it is an Eastern European thing. They have a section called
    "Few words about Wap.Click"
    Some of it could be translated and some of it Google didn't know how to translate. My product is only written in English, so I don't think that it would work. Unless I am wrong. Which I am hoping I am wrong. I need to find a place to buy some targeted traffic from.

    Anyway, if Wap.Click won't work for me, who else should I try for KW targeted traffic? I think I can increase my reach on Bing by using their display network, like Graybeard mentioned.
  10. graybeard

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  11. schleprock

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    OK, I am now sure that Wap won't work for me.
  12. schleprock

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    OK, so I am wondering if anyone has any experience with Infolinks or LookSmart. And if they would be willing to share

    I looked at infolinks and it does not seem to have very good targeting compared to Bing, but what do I know.
    They also want a $25 payment up front to join. Is the upfront payment then used in my ad campaign when I set it up or is that just the price of admission to their service.

    LookSmart I don't know anything about.
  13. schleprock

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    If I add images to my Bing Ads will they automatically be pushed onto the display network for the KWs I am targeting?

    I think Bing is calling it "Audience Ads"

    Because my ads have no images I have a campaign setting that tells Bing to decrease my big for Audience Ads by 99%. No sense paying for display when there is nothing to display. (I did this based on a Reddit post)

    Anyway, is it as simple as adding images to my ads and removing the "decrease bid" option to get on the display network.
    Finding out about Bing Display has been difficult.
    When I asked the Bing Ads people how to get on Oath, they said they did not know what it was. I guess Oath is the name of the Bing, MSN, AOL, etc combination of companies that are part of "Audience Ads". Or atleast that is the name at the top of the website Bing directed me to. But that could be all wrong, there was plenty of posts online speculating about using Bing's new display network but no solid instructions for how to do it.
  14. vegashero

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    if your business is not compliant with Adwords (many niches are difficult to get approved there) you can look into advertising with native ad placement networks like MGID or PropellerAds (there are many more similar). These companies have a much less strict entry requirement and accept a wide range of advertisers. Also often much cheaper than Google or Bing and their targeting is decent.
  15. schleprock

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    Ok, I will look at MGID and PropellerAds.
    I am looking into Looksmart right now but their user interface is a little wacky and the documentation does not match it. But. Sandeep gave me his Skype so I think I will be squared away there soon.

    I also looked at InfoLinks, no problems with the dashboard there but there is a $500 minimum. I can do the 500 but I am going to see if some of these other guys can help me out without it costing me 500 bucks just to learn that it won't work. I did not see any reviews of InfoLinks here, so I don't know if it is solid or not
    I have come across a few of their ads though, while browsing the web, and I liked the banner they showed when I hovered over the word. I just don't want to pay 500 dollars to find out it doesn't work.
  16. adsova

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    Have you thought of Facebook Ads? They have auto approval mostly and If you can design your landing page in a way with less words related to Alcohol, It might work.. There are lots of BH ads running on FB!
  17. schleprock

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    I had thought of Facebook ads but FB is constantly locking my account and asking for a picture to prove it is me. I don't know how to control the ad campaign if I am locked out all the time. I will try it if you know of a way for me to have an Advertising Only account or something like that. Still, Thank You for the idea.

    LookSmart is sending me traffic to broad KWs but finds it pretty hard to get really targeted KW.

    For me something like "stop drinking alcohol" is a pretty targeted KW, LookSmart is having a hard time finding me those clicks. They have plenty of cheap 0.05 cent clicks for broader stuff like "alcoholism" or "problem drinking".
    They sent me 130 visitors today to the very broad terms. Google Analytics counted their traffic, so I pretty sure it is real visitors BUT my bounce rate is at 99.19 and the average time on page has dropped horribly. 16 second compared to an average of about 45 seconds. The people are leaving because that page is targetted at certain people, it does not fit their needs, so they go. Just like I would do, if it ain't what you want, get out of there.

    What I did was lower the bid on the generics and increased the bid of the KWs I really want by as much as 900% to get the click. But honestly, this is not going to fix my problem. There won't be enough clicks for the targeted stuff.

    How targeted can I get with PropellorAds and MGID. Can I get stuff like "quit drinking alcohol" with them or will I be stuck with things like "alcoholism" or "alcohol abuse" Frankly, I should probably just do this anyway. If I can get 10 visitors from Bing and 10 visitors from LookSmart and 10 more from MGID, if I can get enough networks I might be able to get enough targeted traffic to make some money.