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  1. Google Analytics VS Tracker
    Hey, all Aff-mates!

    Today, we tried to answer the most FAQs, like:

    What should I use Google Analytics, or tracker?
    What for I need a tracker?
    How to track conversion with GA?

    We think that this article can help newbies to understand the difference beetwen GA and trackers and explain that actually it not сorrect to compare them, as they are created for the different purpose.
    Read it here: Google Analytics VS Tracker. What choose?
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    Very nice.
    But how to deal with the CPV cost data ? because ?step=2 link is counted with the CPV price of the campaign (and it is free, only ?step=1 is a paid traffic).
  3. Hey, olaf thatnks for your reply, I'll be glad to help you!

    1. Create a Traffic Source, with the same parameters as in the instructions, but add another option Cost
    2. For that campaign, which set a trap for bots, choose the traffic Source and Cost model CPV
    3. At the traffic source place the campaign link and enter 0, in the parameter cost, cost = 0, ie, the link will be like this:
    4. In the default path offer (ie offer where all traffic will be sent and where traffic bot will stay and will not go futher) as a link, insert your campaign link, ther in the cost parameter, enter the value that you need: [token2] & token2 = [token3]

    Thus, all the traffic that will have bots will come with a cost value of 0, the entire real traffic will be coming with a value of 0.01.

    If case the value Cost is constantly changing and it is necessary to transmit it from a traffic source dynamically, for ex. by means of a macro [cost_value] ( please check this macro with your traffic source), then you can do so:
    1. The traffic source add parameter token3 and insert the macro in it
    2. At the traffic source, place the campaign link:[cost_value]
    3. In the default path offer, insert the campaign link: [token3] & step = 2 & token1 = [token2] & token2 = [token3]

    Thus, bot traffic will come from cost value 0 in parameter token3 will come relevant costs from the source, and if the traffic is real, this actual value will be transmitted in the campaign link, (step 2) and the cost of the campaign will be properly counted.
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    You did not answered to my question but with all the informations you gave it's ok now [​IMG] thank you.
    This is the step2 who need to be free traffic. You pay for step1 traffic, not step2.
    So I used the COST token to do it. and added a ZERO value when STEP is 2.
    Thanks again.
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    i want to know, use Basic edition i cann't get source id from report, right?
    i use DNTX traffic