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  1. Moving your business forward with AdsBridge! Our tools help you deliver your traffic from point A to point B while saving time and money.
    Get real-time tracking-- day or night-- by using our conversion tracking feature!
  2. dario

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    One of the best tool listed here on AffiliateSummer,I fell in love with this! I was playing with landing page creator inside and it makes really awesome landing pages for every vertical,of course you can edit them yourself.Also mobile landing page creator rocks as well! Sign up for trial membership and find out yourself how powerful is this[​IMG]
    10/10 from me!
  3. newlxx

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    Awesome landing page. The templates they are very nice, clean and responsive. There sample landing page templates for every niche.
    This tool is definitely worth a shot!
  4. effect

    effect New Member

    How exactly does this work please?
  5. You can create your campaigns in AdsBridge. Also you can create different landings either for web pages or mobile pages with the help of easy- use editor that has a lot of templates for every verticals. You can track how many visits, clicks and leads you've got. You can try it right now! it's free all June!
  6. snoop

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    Thanks for such an awesome tool guys
  7. pr0duct

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    Really great tool for building simple pages
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  9. church

    church Member

    Is this still in beta or do we need to pay now?
  10. We are Free now, So you don't need to pay for using our BETA version. Try it right NOW! Hope you'll like it. If you need any help with AdsBridge you can hit me up in skype anastasiyamart18.
  11. benteo

    benteo New Member

    When is AdsBridge expected to go live? And what will be the price plans?
  12. AdsBridge has been already launched in December. And Now its Free Beta. Talking about the price plans, we'are going to finalize our pricing model in half in a year but I can assure you, prices will be competitive.
  13. Sorry if this question sounds foolish. But is this software something like imobitrax?
    Will it do everything imobitrax does?
    Does it have additional features?
  14. littleboy

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    imobitrax is self hosted and AdsBridge is SaaS (cloud hosted)
  15. cpaheaven

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    awesome tracking website, many landing page option, thanks
  16. tommi2500k

    tommi2500k New Member

    Adsbridge looks really good, but there is some bug with "rule options" when i try add referrer - rule its hide that rule field and when i try add more rules its keep saying "You have an empty rule field. Please fill it with option and value or delete it."

    Sometimes its been worked, but there is not "no referrer option" that would be good update add it [​IMG]
  17. hamutal

    hamutal New Member

    it's look great. BUT there is a Bug with the supprt tickets. and login to see the tickets you made ... or the don't even save . NO mail sent.
    Reset pass also don't work !
    And above all, it' cant work with HTML5 deep link. It probably cut the url "tail" so the root page appears every time !!
    Maybe if you check it in here you can fix that.
  18. baron

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    How does Adbridge compare to Voluum? Whats the differences? Which one is better? Which one would be better for PPV? I hope you guys have a free plan once you officially launch.
  19. tommi2500k

    tommi2500k New Member

    Also find out its detect win 8 (not 8.1) as Safari
  20. Thanks for your feedback, tommi2500k! Our technical team is currently fixing this issue, we thank you for your patience and understanding.[​IMG]