301 Redirects of Affiliate Link SEO Problems

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  1. I completed a 301 redirect on my Affiliate Link via cPanel. I am now stuck. I am a Newbie to SEO and Affiliate Marketing. I want to know how in the world am I am going to do about SEO and PPC. I just want to know what my next steps are to get traffic to my 301 redirected domain to affiliate link. I have had the domain for less than a month. I know I have to play the waiting game so that the Search Engine can index the Redirect. Can I get a little help?
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    What? you have a website to SEO.
    The content matters mainly. If there is useful content -- not just content to get referrals to click on your affiliate links.

    The major web information news/media/movies/entertainment outlets have ads and external links, some are affiliate links; they have reasonable SERPs based on real content of value.
  3. Yes. I have a 301 Redirect using my Affiliate Link. I guess I have it designed to get clicks. I did a lot of research where I decided this was the best option for me. SERPs? I understand. I am working with some of the affiliate links that are considered spam such as CB and others.
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    If your website is a advertising billboard in cyber space you can forget about any SEO. I cannot think of anyway to put it more directly.

    Why would you expect referrals to something with little or no real value?

    Of the 100,000,000 most active websites -- 99,500,000 don't have any relative content -- and have no search engine referrals.

    Buy traffic if it is designed to get clicks ...
  5. OK, I will have to buy traffic to my website. Do you have any ideas of websites that will all the 301 redirect? I had a problem with Bing Ads.
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    what do you mean? the URL you use as the 'target' (advertised landing page) with some ads cannot be a redirect

    Bing ads =] landing page (200 OK) ---link on landing page =]CTR =]? that is Bing ads policy decision I guess -- to my thinking; so long the link out is not to something unlawful or harmful to the user referred by Bing...
  7. Yes.

    I also tried the Affiliate Link no Website Method to Bing Ads.
    I quickly found that some affiliate links are 301 or 302 redirected causing problems getting the ads on Bing, so on and so forth.

    I got this message after using my affiliate link directly in the Bing Ad Campaign (this is my first big mistake) :

    Policy Violation 1:
    The domain in this display URL does not match the landing page URL.

    So, I am figuring that I would have the same problem with the redirected domain since the affiliate link does not match the affiliates's website.

    I really fell hard for those get rich over night methods with Affiliate Marketing by watching YouTube and reading other affiliate marketers success stories. Lol

    I am slowing way down now. Asking questions before I implement.
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    Someone else had the same issue it was resolved by making a landing page on your server for the ad.

    Why not host your own landing page as a pre-lander.
    Also, a 301 is not a 'domain' redirect a 301 is a URL redirect the entire domain.com?query string is carried, e.g.; /index.php?stuff=123&more=4567
    A CNAME DNS is a domain redirect (properly called an alias)
    all requests to the domain are redirected to the aliased domain

    Most affiliate stories, not all, are either self-serving (they are selling some MMO line/offer) or inaccurate ...
  9. T

    Thank you! I am going to get there. I will consider the landing page.
  10. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which passes between 90-99% of link equity to the redirected page. In most instances, the 301 redirect is the best method for implementing redirects on a website.
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    you can fix this with htacess